PowerBI Apps 3/5

Managing PowerBI Apps includes deciding which content we want to share and which audience we want to share it with. If we enter the “Update an app” area in the PowerBI workspace, we see 3 areas for us to configure: Setup, Content, and Audience

1. Setup

Think of setup as an area to provide name, description, and other settings that are pertinent to the app.

2. Content

We choose which items from the workspace we want to include in the PowerBI App. This is also where we create “sections” (or folders) to organize our App. Click here to learn more about the differences between a workspace and an app.

3. Audience

Each App will have 1 audience by default which can see everything. We have the ability to create multiple audiences with different levels of access by hiding certain content items. See the two images below: first one showing the “All Demo Area” audience and the second one showing the “Only Forecast” audience with different levels of access.

Adding a second audience called “Only Forecast” and hiding the reports not related to Forecasting.

This covers how to update a PowerBI App – something to keep in mind is that changes to reports in the workspace are not automatically shown in the app, we need to manually go through the steps above.

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