PowerBI Apps 5/5

After a week of daily posts on Power BI apps – we have covered what an app is, differences between an app and a workspace, managing and publishing apps, and the benefits of an app from a business user prospective. Today I’ll wrap up by showing where apps lives and the different types of apps.

You can “Get Apps” on the PowerBI Service at the area below

PowerBI Service Apps Location

So far, we have mainly been discussing Organizational Apps which are apps created by an organization for use of their teams. There is also a second type of app we can install called a Template App. Template Apps are pre-built out of the box reporting solutions for third party cloud tools (ie Google Analytics, SalesForce, etc). Template Apps can be free or paid and support is based on the third-party authors. When someone talks about a PowerBI App my first assumption is that they are talking about an Organizational App that is created by internal report authors and distributed to business users in the company, but it’s important to point out that Template Apps exist.

To wrap up the week of PowerBI App Posts: I have seen both workspace-based and app-based report distribution in Power BI and app-based is the way to go. It allows the authors to display everything in user-friendly format and hide unnecessary objects that would just be noise to the audience. The security model is flexible with the ability to add audiences with varying levels of access. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft allows for multiple apps to be built on top of a single workspace in the future. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on Power BI Apps or want to point out something I may have missed.

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