The First Pillar of BI -> Integration

I read today that: 60-73% of all enterprise data is never analyzed. (TrustRadius)

That means that of all the information that our organizations are collecting, they are really only tapping into 30%!? Seems crazy, right?

Well – not really. When it comes to BI, the first of the three pillars is integration. This is where the majority of the time is spent on BI implementations. It’s also where most of the cost comes from. And data integration is hard. Almost all businesses today are using multiple different applications for different purposes. Most of these apps collect similar data but do not communicate with all the other apps you may be using.

For example – a customer showing up in two different apps is difficult to link as the same person without some heavy-duty data integration work. There are all sorts of tools that help with easing this pain, but at the end of the day it takes time to code, test, and publish clean data. Even when we are not trying to tie the data from two different places together, getting information out of one app in a clean format is hard enough.

You’d be surprised how many BI projects burn down due to poor integration work. This is an area that should be top of mind for anyone considering a data project.

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