PowerBI Report vs Paginated Report

When should I use a Paginated Report over a PowerBI Report? This is a common question that most people ask at some point in their PowerBI journey.

In the simplest terms – use a paginated report any time you need to the printable pixel-perfect version of a report and a PowerBI Report any other time.

There are a handful of other random reasons to use paginated reports listed here, but the most common comes down to the need to print.

Another scenario I’ve seen is that your organization already has a handful of RDL files built-in SQL Server Reporting Services and doesn’t want to spend too much time rebuilding them into a PowerBI Report. This makes sense just to save time and utilize what’s already been developed and tested.

PowerBI Reports pretty much rule the roost in any other scenario and their benefits and options far outweigh the paginated reporting options.

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