The Data Dictionary

Self-service analytics arm the audience with the tools they need to find answers to their business questions. One of the tools I like to build out is the data dictionary. This is a place to explain each data element and detail out how exactly it’s populated.

It’s common for different departments inside organizations to call the same data elements by different names. It’s also common for them to use the same name (in different departments) to describe different data elements. As you can see, this starts to cause confusion and the brings up questions which sometimes lead to doubts about the end product.

It’s important to have a space for the business to understand which data elements are included and how they are defined as well as what metrics are available, and how the formulas are constructed.

I’ve been looking for ways to automate the build and maintainability of data dictionaries so reach out if you have an automated way to build the data dictionary out in a PowerBI tabular model.

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