Aligning Data Strategy with Business Strategy

You can build a great data strategy and still fail if you don’t take into account the goals of your business.

If the only way to get better is to measure your results – you better measure the right thing that you want to get better at.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly a data strategy is. Why do we need one? Who benefits from a good one? What happens if we don’t have one at all? What are the steps to build one? What separates good ones from great ones? These are all questions that I’ll be focusing on in some upcoming posts.

One thing, however, that I’ve seen all great data strategies have one thing in common – is alignment with your business. Find the things you want to accomplish and align your data strategy with those goals.

If you’re focusing on marketing and leads, focus on collecting the data elements that help you win. Collect data on your customers. Build out customer profile and learn what things they are asking for. You’ll be able to create a better product offering in no time.

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