Data-Driven Culture

I read a great article that breaks down 10 steps for creating a data-driven culture. It’s a great read but the first paragraph is what really grabbed my attention.

“the biggest obstacles to creating data-based businesses aren’t technical; they’re cultural. It is simple enough to describe how to inject data into a decision-making process. It is far harder to make this normal, even automatic, for employees — a shift in mindset that presents a daunting challenge.” – HBR

This has me thinking about how much of my projects are actually focused around change management. We spend time building all these great tools but we also need to consider how they are going to be utilized. We should think about the required training, any barriers to use the new tools, and help build this new culture.

I have seen the behavior change in individual groups I’ve worked with as long as the new toolkits are: easy, valuable, and accurate. As long as those three things are true most people who want better ways to make decisions will incorporate data in their process.

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