Advisory Retainer

The advisory retainer is designed to help organizations navigate the growing complexity of data management. With the rapid advancement of digital technologies and the explosion of data generated by the internet of things and AI, it can be challenging to collect, organize, and make sense of all the information. Without the right expertise, organizations risk wasting time and money on misguided development efforts and losing that valuable competitive advantage.

Our consulting engagement grants you access to strategic and tactical data expertise that can help you identify and capitalize on opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re looking to improve your data management, gain insights from your data, or develop a data-driven strategy, this service is designed to give you the data expertise you need, when you need it.

Our agreement entitles you to unlimited 24/7 access to me via phone, email, and instant message. I return all messages no later than the next business day, although in practice response time is much quicker (particularly between 9am to 5pm ET, but also nights and weekends).

Meetings are scheduled in advance and typically take place over the phone or video call.

There are 5 possible areas of involvement:

  1. Participation in an initial in-depth, in-person meeting to define long-term business goals, existing legacy systems architecture, and organizational challenges.
  2. Regular meetings with the primary project contact to discuss strategy, longer-term issues, and business goals.
  3. Strategic and tactical advice based on a series of ongoing meetings with team leaders. These are individualized and mutually agreed upon. In addition, I’ll serve as a sounding board as they work to achieve their business and technical goals.
  4. Technical review of data architecture, source code, documentation, and the like. Where appropriate, I’ll provide code samples, proof-of-concept examples, and design mockups. Please note that authoring shipping code, designs, or documentation is not included in this agreement.
  5. Situational responsiveness to needs that arise that you deem require my assistance, which are not covered elsewhere.

Participation is extremely limited. You can elect to be added to the waiting list if spots are not available. Please contact me to sign up or for more information.

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