A good model takes you a long way

If you need insights into your business process – odds are you have a whole mess of data that needs to be organized. Before you go to the source, think about what you need to produce in the target. If you have a model in mind it’s easier to decide which data elements in the […]

Data-Driven Culture

I read a great article that breaks down 10 steps for creating a data-driven culture. It’s a great read but the first paragraph is what really grabbed my attention. “the biggest obstacles to creating data-based businesses aren’t technical; they’re cultural. It is simple enough to describe how to inject data into a decision-making process. It […]

The dreaded manual data report

Building a report in a way that it can only be used one time = PAIN I can understand if this is exploratory type research, but even that can somewhat be automated. At least build reports in a way that the source data sheet can simply be updated and when can just smash the refresh […]

Why invest in Business Intelligence

Why do companies invest in Business Intelligence? To answer this – let’s talk about what Business Intelligence actually is: We collect loads of data, whether we know it or not. If you have a business bank account, you have data. If you send invoices, you have data. If you have customers, you have data. If […]

Keep Score

If you want to win – keep score. You won’t know if you’re winning or losing (or even if you’re on the right path) without tracking your results. Want more customers? Create a KPI with the customer count and experiment with marketing until you start increasing the number. Track the things you deem important. Keep […]

Power BI Best Practices

I gave a presentation today at a PowerBI user group and covered Best Practices for PowerBI developers. Below are the 6 best practices that were covered: There was some questions on where to best get training materials for beginners. My two go-to areas for PowerBI knowledge are Guy in a Cube YouTube channel and the […]

What types of businesses use BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) has been around for a long time. It’s the practice of taking an organizations data and putting it in a format that produces some level of intelligence that can be used to help the business make decisions. I find that most people want to be more data-driven but just might not know […]

Building your data skillset – where to start

After building data solutions for nearly a decade, I compiled a list of skills I would recommend to anyone looking to start a career in #data: 1. Learn SQL – this is the top skill I would recommend for anyone in the data field. SQL is standard across every platform I’ve used (even helps querying NoSQL […]

Aligning Data Strategy with Business Strategy

You can build a great data strategy and still fail if you don’t take into account the goals of your business. If the only way to get better is to measure your results – you better measure the right thing that you want to get better at. I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly […]

Power Query (4/4): Extending Power Query

The last Power Query topic that is worth covering is extending the work to the cloud. We can do these one of two ways: Publish PowerBI Report The most popular way to extend Power Query code into the cloud is by publishing a PowerBI report which pushes both the dataset (along with its corresponding Power […]

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