PowerBI Apps 5/5

After a week of daily posts on Power BI apps – we have covered what an app is, differences between an app and a workspace, managing and publishing apps, and the benefits of an app from a business user prospective. Today I’ll wrap up by showing where apps lives and the different types of apps. […]

PowerBI Apps 4/5

In posts 1, 2, and 3 we mainly covered what Apps are how to create, manage, and secure them from an app designer prospective. As a business user consuming the app – what are the benefits for us? The app is place where all my reporting shows up in a neatly organized space that is […]

PowerBI Apps 3/5

Managing PowerBI Apps includes deciding which content we want to share and which audience we want to share it with. If we enter the “Update an app” area in the PowerBI workspace, we see 3 areas for us to configure: Setup, Content, and Audience 1. Setup Think of setup as an area to provide name, […]

PowerBI Apps 2/5

Think of a Power BI App as the (cleaned up) face of a workspace. A workspace is where we publish reports, datasets, dashboards, and paginated reports. It’s an area where things live, but we most likely don’t want to share everything that is in there. The PowerBI App currently has a 1 to 1 relationship […]

PowerBI Apps 1/5

This week we are going to cover what a PowerBI App is and why we would want to build and use one. At the highest level, a PBI App is a way to bundle reports, dashboards, and external links that we want to share with our audience. IMO the main benefit of an App is […]

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